FULL PASS : Aulas & Festas / Workshops + Parties

PARTY PASS : Festas (incluido  sabado a tarde a partir das 16 hrs) / Parties (saturday afternoon from 4 pm included)

1 Day pass : Aulas & festa para 1 dia / Workshops and party for 1 day

Friday night: Festa a partir das 18 hrs  / Party from 6 pm

Friday night  and Saturday for legal reasons is obligatory the association card (possible to do at the entrance)

Won't be single entrances for saturday and sunday night 
Pass are not refundable
Pass can be transferred to another person until 1 week before the fest




Felt Club - Via degli Ausoni 84


Romart Factory  - Via Stanislao Carcereri 7

 Insieme per Fare  - Via Pelagosa 5